Açaí smoothie with banana

Açaí smoothie with banana

Let's start the day with energy? Prepare this energy and antioxidant shake with many other health benefits and it is delicious! Check here how to make açaí smoothie with banana and milk.

Preparing a vitamin when you wake up is a way to ensure a healthy and vitamin-filled breakfast! You can prepare different fruit smoothies every day, but one of the ones you'll definitely want to repeat is this banana and acai smoothie! In addition to being very tasty, it is energetic and leaves you feeling full for several hours.

Check below the ingredients and preparation of this vitamin de açaí with banana recipe and enjoy the benefits of açaí and banana in a very practical and tasty way!

Ingredients for making açaí vitamin with banana:

 200 grams of frozen açaí pulp

 2 dwarf bananas

 2 cups of milk (480 milliliters)

 2 tablespoons of guarana syrup (optional)

 ice cubes (optional)

How to make açaí vitamin with banana:

Peel the bananas, cut into pieces and place in a blender.

Tip: Use frozen bananas for your smoothie to be very cold! In this case you don't need to add ice.

Add the remaining ingredients: the açaí (no need to thaw), the milk and, if you like, the guarana syrup and some ice cubes too.

Tip: If you want to reduce the calories in this recipe, prefer to use skim milk or vegetable milk. Guarana syrup helps to sweeten this drink and make it even more energetic!

Beat until you get a smooth and creamy smoothie. Distribute over two glasses and drink afterwards, preferably for breakfast or afternoon snack. Prepare this delicious banana and acai smoothie and tell us what you think in the comments!

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What are the health benefits of acai?

Açaí is a very tasty and very beneficial Amazon fruit for our health! Due to its various properties and benefits, açaí is even considered a superfood!

Check out the benefits of açaí that you can enjoy by drinking this vitamin:

As it is rich in antioxidants, açaí helps to delay the aging of cells and, therefore, to prevent diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's;

Açaí also contains properties that help control weight and lose weight in a healthy way;

Due to its fiber increases the feeling of satiety and aids digestion;

Açaí is also indicated to reduce and control bad cholesterol;

This berry is recommended for sports practitioners or gym goers because, in addition to being energetic, it helps to replenish spent energy.

Despite these benefits, remember that açaí is a caloric fruit with a lot of sugar, moderate its consumption. You may be interested to read about the pizza rustica recipe/ calzone dough recipe blogpost/ chayote benefits recipe/ kiwi jam recipe/ benefits of golden milk recipe.